Personal Capacity Analysis

The U-TEST is the flagship of the full U-SYSTEM. It plays a large part in the overall picture of any person being assessed. Questions asked are personal without violating any personnel rights and give you a complete picture of the strengths and weaknesses of any staff member, existing or potential. You will have increased confidence and certainty in your personnel decision making.

Its purpose is to provide a reliable measurement of the various temperamental factors that, combined, produce the personal capacity of an individual. Once you have determined the technical and/or administrative competence of a person, it’s necessary to acquire valuable insight on the personal characteristics that make up a complete individual. This facilitates the process of finding out exactly what the individual’s capacity and productivity will be. This isn’t evident in a cursory examination, such as interviews.

The U-TEST is in essence 10 major tests combined into one. The results are quite extensive covering 10 fundamental personal capacity traits. These traits contain in themselves, and more so in relation to each other, a wealth of information - invaluable in predicting one’s behaviour.

The test results are divided into traits and trait opposites, indicating sets of behaviour patterns and tendencies clearly defined to be measurable and notable. The questions, which make up the various traits, are based on a broad outline of the individual’s reactions to numerous different life situations. The characteristics measured are as follows:

  • Stability: Level of concentration; persistence; standards; sense of order; planning and organization.
  • Happiness: Level of enthusiasm; cheerfulness; satisfaction with one’s goal achievements.
  • Composure: Calmness; tranquility; self-control; patience; ability to relax.
  • Certainty: Consistency; predictability; clarity of observation; knowledge.
  • Activity: Energy level; dynamism; initiative; liveliness; vigor.
  • Drive: Determination; push; conviction; resoluteness; assertiveness; aggression; force.
  • Sense of Responsibility: Accountability; objectivity; bound by duty; impartiality.
  • Correct Estimation: Agreement; fairness; logical reasoning; understanding
  • Empathy: Friendliness; accord; courteousness; politeness; trust.
  • Communication: Quality of communication; cordiality; affection.

The test is set up in such a way as to be impossible to fool as there are no right or wrong answers. Attempts at the willful defeat of the U-TEST by trying to answer either better or worse than the actuality is not found to be burdensome in the validity of the measurement. Even when a person tries to present something other than the truth, the information gives a measurement of what the individual considers to be good or bad.

Here's some of the useful information you can get from the U-TEST:

  • Is this person likely to be stable, loyal and dedicated to an organization?
  • Does the person have the ability to adapt quickly to a group?
  • Does the individual have the qualities required to manage or lead other people?
  • Is there a tendency to easily become ill, have accidents or make mistakes?
  • Is there evidence of an ability to contribute to a group, create a team atmosphere, and get along well with others?
  • Is the person likely to have emotional outbursts or a bad temper?
  • Is the individual able to relate to others and willing to help them?
  • How well does the person communicate?
  • Does the person have pressing problems in his/her life?
  • Is the individual able to work alone, impulsive, or highly critical?
  • Can the person come up with good solutions to problems?
  • Is the individual honest and reliable?
  • Can the person change and adapt to new circumstances or ideas?
  • … and much, much more! What do YOU want to know?

These are only a select few aspects that can be easily addressed through the use of the U-TEST. It is the fastest, most accurate and cost effective test system for personal capacity and performance. Use it before making any human resource decisions and increase your certainty and resultant productivity.