Focused? Or Dispersed?

A combination of typical behaviours which indicate the ability of the candidate to fix his attention on one objective: the result. When we speak of Stability, we are addressing focus. This trait shows to what degree the person has control over his attention. A stable person concentrates on one target and keeps his attention on it. Unstable people hurl themselves in all directions at the same time. They start several things but achieve little. This trait also supplies you with information about the capacity of being organized, the ability to work systematically and by a given plan.

People high on this trait can keep sight of a goal even when handling other things. They can maintain order and have high standards both on what they do and who they are. They generally dress well and are well groomed. People low on this trait are dispersed and their attention is scattered or constantly fixed. They are somewhat robotic, (act without thinking) as they don't have their own attention under control.