Far Reaching? Or Withdrawn?

Responsibility here not only reflects whether one is or considers him/herself accountable, but also the sphere of influence around one. This point DOES NOT concern the feeling of responsibility, but the capacity possessed by a candidate to cause an effect, i.e. to start an action. It DOES reflect the degree to which a person can act and the willingness to do so. It gives a picture of the size of the area in which they feel they can be causative—how far does their energy or influence reach? This factor is also an indication of extroversion or introversion. High means extroverted – low means introverted.

People high on this trait can see possible consequences to their actions. They make things happen. Responsible people see problems and handle them. Introverted people are not even aware that there is a problem. Less responsible people relegate the "source" of set-backs to outside causes. They tend to look to others for excuses and reproaches. Low on this trait means they feel things are happening to them that are not caused by them—it is somebody else's fault. They also do not accept criticism well.