Caring? Or Cold?

Empathy refers to the person's interest in other people, whether they are service-minded and want to help others. The capacity to put oneself into someone else’s skin, the degree of awareness of the feelings of others. Empathy is based upon the willingness to "do something about it". Sympathy is a passive "suffering together". People high on this trait are "warm" and like the company of others. They appreciate the feelings of others. A high score also reveals the desire to help, to pay attention to others, to care for others.

People low on this trait do not care much about other's feelings and are not interested in helping others-they are "cold" and indifferent. They have lost their confidence in others. They do not trust other people as they have been betrayed. They don't get along very well with other people. A low score shows indifference, even insensitivity, cynicism. A candidate with a low score on this trait only values people to the extent that he/she needs them.