Aggressive? Or Inhibited?

Inhibition is the incapacity to act effectively, due to anxiety whilst facing others, or due to factors in the environment. The obedient, docile person who does not move except when he is asked to, can never be productive. He is a "loser". Aggressive, in this context, means dynamism, initiative, self-confidence, assertiveness: a "winner’s mentality". In other words, how much attention can the person put on getting results? How much drive through to a result can be mustered up?

People high on this trait are direct and straightforward, get to the point and quick at making decisions. They like to finish things, not leave many incomplete projects or activities hanging around. They have the mentality of a winner, and often make good salespeople. Low on this trait means "too nice", indirect, long-winded and ceremonious. They are not efficient at what they are doing. They often do not have enough "push" to get things done. They have been stopped a lot in life and do not believe things can be pushed through.