Correct Estimation

Attention on What?

To be successful, one must be able to size up a scene correctly and accurately enough to then be in a position to make a good decision. This point measures the ability of the person to correctly estimate people and circumstances. It determines the extent to which a person is able to perceive the reality of a given situation and his ability to accept it as it is. This factor measures if someone is capable of accepting and understanding the realities of others.

People high on this trait can understand another's point of view and are generally agreeable (can easily establish things to agree upon.) They pick up the other person's point of view easily and are tolerant of the points of views of others. They listen well. A high score means that the person is tolerant, comprehensive, willing to listen to others, realistic. A low score, on the other hand, is a sign of intolerance, negative criticism, lack of reality.

People low on this trait tend to be disagreeable and intolerant of other people's points of view—they tend to be critical of people and situations and concentrate only on what is "wrong" in people.