Certain? Or Uncertain?

This trait indicates primarily and mainly the "consistency" of a person. It shows whether a person has certainty on what he or she wants to do and be in life. As such, it is an indicator of the reliability of the answers given by the candidate. The degree of certainty depends upon the capacity to observe and the capacity to determine the accurate actions to be taken. Uncertainty means confusion, the need to count on luck, impulsive behavior.

People high on this trait have a clear view of what they are observing, are consistent and predictable. They do not act on impulse but on observation. People low on this trait are impulsive and change from one day to the next or perhaps the hour. This trait to a large degree determines the reliability of a given test. For impulsive people things can change quickly. People who score low on certainty tend to introduce confusion into their surroundings.

Points on the graph that are above this trait are out of the person's control to some degree.