How the U-Test Appears

Below is a sample graph as you would get from the U-TEST. The graph is then fully explained by a personnel consultant, who is there to help you understand the person you are having assessed. You questions will be answered by our highly trained evaluator.

You get a graph, descriptions of each of the 10 characteristics along with a detailed evaluation of how the 10 characteristics work with each other.

The U-TEST scores each characteristic from -100 trough 0 to +100.

To find out more on what the 10 characteristics measure, go to The U-TEST page.

If High

  • Stable/Good
  • Happy/Succeeding
  • Composed/In Control
  • Certain/Predictable
  • Active/Energetic
  • Aggressive/Confident
  • Responsible/Objective
  • Correct Estimation/Understanding
  • Considerate/Affectionate
  • Social/Friendly

If Low

  • Unstable/Dispersed
  • Depressed/Failing
  • Nervous/Worried
  • Uncertain/Unpredictable
  • Inactive/Lazy
  • Inhibited/Meek
  • Irresponsible/Subjective
  • Critical/Suspicious
  • Impolite/Cold
  • Shy/Individuated