Our Personal Touch

Your company is important to you. Your growth is important to you. And to ensure that you achieve the success you hope for, you will need the right personnel, each in the right place and whose actions dovetail into prosperity.

To do this we begin each hiring process on its own merits. We work for you, making sure that you get exactly what you need. We are your in-house recruiter and will see to your specific requirements.

We won't…

Set up banks of faceless resumes that we delve into when you ask us to help find you someone.

Send you reams of resumes leaving you to do all the work of interviewing and screening for your particular position.

Send you people we have interviewed, without specific relation to YOUR company.

Disregard the existing staff and who would be the best person to work with them.

Minimize the importance of your company's goals and corporate culture.

But we WILL…

Interview the key people who will be working with the new candidate.

Work out a detailed job description that includes the risks of the job.

Work with you to design the ad that will reflect the exact challenges of the job available.

Screen with the U-SYSTEM all applicants who match the skill set you provide.

Check the productivity of all who pass the testing requirements.

Do intensive reference checks of all possible short listed applicants.

Send you only those we are certain can do the job and will fit specifically with your company.

Provide you with written reports outlining the strengths and weaknesses to be alert for or verify when you interview them.

Assist you in interviews for the final selection as needed.

Speak for you with the candidate in the offer as needed.

Follow up and ensure all is well with the person on the new job.