Our Added Value

You get value for your money when you use the U-TEST. Consider these advantages available to you:

You get data that will help you avoid mistakes in recruiting personnel.

You get information that will help you handle your employee(s).

You get extremely accurate data.

You get knowledge which can be used to bring about personal improvement.

You get it for a very low price in relation to the problems that can be solved.

You speed up the evaluation/recruitment process, thereby saving time.

You get a standard technology that isn't reliant on just one individual's ability.

You don't have to spend so much time interviewing applicants.

The time you spend in interviews can be much better utilized with accurate information to base questions.

You can pre-screen applicants saving both time and money (ScreenService).

You can get much more information from references you contact, since you will already have a full picture when you ask him/her about the person.

You can see how well a personality will fit with a specific job.

You can get a clear idea on who will be a potential future executive.

The tested person gets information that will help him improve and to know what to focus on in relation to improvement (when given an personal evaluation).

You get information that will correlate with and support your own understanding of personnel.

You will get only data that is possible to understand (we can define every word we are using when evaluating a person).

You get information based on observation and a standardized technology rather than on opinion.

You get information that will be easy to make others understand within your company when passed on.

You can better plan training of the person.

The results create better communication between you and the people you hire.

You can assess the working environment and standards of the company by testing the boss. Included in standards are moral codes used within the group, which are normally set by the existing top executive(s)' ideals and personality.

With this system you can check out the accuracy within 24 hours for your own satisfaction and knowledge.

Evaluations are made entirely for production purposes, without bias or hidden "politics" which would not contribute to the overall expansion of the company.

You get evaluations from people that understand production.