U-MAN International

U-MAN International, a testing and personnel evaluation company, began operations in 1984 in Europe, expanding as far as Australia, Russia, Japan and Hungary. It is well known throughout Europe as being highly effective in providing confidence and certainty to clients in the hiring process.

Note: U-MAN International is now operating as PERFORMIA.

From their website: "Performia is an international organization focused entirely on supporting your hiring process and staff assessment. The target is to get you in better control of all parts of your recruitment process and to give you systems for faster and more accurate personnel evaluations.

"Since the start in 2002 Performia has grown steadily and currently processes a flow of close to a thousand candidates every week in over 20 countries. Our clients consistently give the system high ratings and express great satisfaction with faster expansion speed, more stable personnel scenes, better profitability, higher job satisfaction and less stress.

"We are strengthening the business community through helping companies to grow faster and become more stable by effectively providing them with the know-how and system support to handle their own hiring and evaluation process with constant high quality and success."

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